Systems – Turnkey PA Options

Technomad PA Systems can be expanded with several options:

Wireless Microphone¬†‚Äď great sound from an easy to use wireless microphone system, with a handheld transmitter (lapel mic or headset mic available also) and a ¬†Technomad factory-installed receiver in your Turnkey PA Control Rack. ¬†Ideal for sporting events, mobile PA, and more.

Hand-held, lapel, and headset versions available.

New! OSLO Subwoofer / Amp Upgrade¬†‚Äď while all Technomad PA systems deliver great bass, if you want that ‚Äėdance system‚Äô experience only a dedicated subwoofer will satisfy.¬† Fortunately, Technomad developed the world‚Äôs¬†most powerful fully weatherproof subwoofer, the OSLO 18 for one of our Theme Park customers ‚Äď and now you can add that power to your stadium PA system.¬†¬†¬† This upgrade option adds an 18‚Ä≥ OSLO sub, dedicated sub amplifier installed into your system rack at our factory, and all cabling.¬†¬†¬† Take your Technomad PA system from amazing ‚Äď to devastating!

Schedulon MP3 Player-Recorder¬†‚Äď fast access to MP3s you load, with per-track play modes (loop, one-time, push-to-play). ¬†Records¬†audio too ‚Äď record live audio to MP3 format for archiving or future use (interviews, sound bites, more). ¬†Even plays sounds¬†automatically¬†on a schedule you set ‚Äď great for pre-event music and announcements!


Idea:  play sound effects during the game, music clips, the National Anthem, more.
OR: play promotional clips mentioning team or booster club sponsors, local businesses.  A great way to get funding for your stadium upgrade project.

Custom Color¬†‚Äď order your system with loudspeakers to match your architecture, or your team colors (14 choices).

New! Wireless Mic/CD Player BUNDLE wireless mic and CD player in one compact rack-mounted unit.   Same features as stand-alone wireless or CD player modules below, but lower cost when ordered as bundle.

Additional Loudspeakers¬†‚Äď need to expand the coverage of your existing PA system? ¬†All Technomad PA systems can¬†drive up to six loudspeakers.¬† So if you have:


  • an iPA1 or mPA1 (which comes with two Vienna 16 loudspeakers) you can add up to four more¬†Vienna 16¬†loudspeakers
  • an iPA2 or mPA2 (which comes with two Noho C loudspeakers) you can add up to four more¬†Noho C¬†loudspeakers
  • an iPA3 or mPA3 (which comes with two Berlin 15H loudspeakers) you can add up to four more¬†Berlin 15H¬†loudspeakers ‚Äď or even¬†Berlin 6040 or Berlin 9040¬†loudspeakers if you need very long range to cover a narrow area.

Your local Technomad dealer¬†can help you configure the perfect system, or¬†contact us¬†with your questions.¬† We have more options than what‚Äôs shown above ‚Äď 12 Volt DC inverters, larger mixers, mounting systems ‚Äď just ask!