Technomad Enhances Downtown Shopping Experience in Ontario with Wireless Audio

The concept of delivering top-notch background sound to elevate the visitor experience is gaining momentum as cities and towns tap into the latest audio technology. Business and civic organizations have eagerly embraced the ability to play seasonally appropriate music, enriching the ambiance of downtown districts where pedestrians can leisurely explore restaurants, galleries, and shops.

Situated on the northern shore of Lake Erie, Kingsville, Ontario proudly bears the title of Canada’s ‘Southernmost town.’ This charming locale boasts a picturesque main street adorned with restaurants, shops, craft breweries, and Victorian architecture, making it a coveted weekend road trip destination for tourists hailing from Toronto, Detroit, and beyond. When the local civic business group in Kingsville decided to introduce audio to their downtown shopping district, they turned to Technomad for a solution.

‘The 6-zone wireless Technomad system has been operational in Kingsville for over a year, working great! The community is very pleased with the results of this addition to their main street shopping core.’ – Corey, Tony’s One Stop Music

Technomad presents an innovative solution for wireless, wide-area outdoor audio. Leveraging state-of-the-art audio streaming transmitters and receivers in conjunction with our weatherproof PowerChiton amplifiers, Technomad offers scalable, high-quality audio systems perfectly suited for downtown business districts. The beauty of this solution lies in its wireless distribution, eliminating the need for costly trenching or disrupting city streets and sidewalks. While this wireless distribution approach is compatible with all of the PowerChiton series, the PowerChiton Micro amplifier pairs seamlessly with our Vernal loudspeakers, recognized as the top choice for background sound applications. For the Kingsville project, the optimal configuration involved utilizing two Vernal speakers in tandem with the PowerChiton amplifier as the foundational building block. With each speaker boasting extensive coverage due to its wide audio dispersion design, only two or three sets of speakers were necessary for each city block. Crafted from recycled polyethylene for durability, featuring a stainless steel grill and weatherized components, Technomad speakers ensure long-lasting, high-quality audio, even when permanently installed in demanding outdoor locations such as a lakefront town. To complete the system, a closed WiFi network was deployed to connect the source location to all the light poles equipped with audio gear.

Installation services were expertly handled by the team at Tony’s Music Shop, located in nearby Chatham, Ontario. Having previously installed a smaller wireless system for a different town application, Tony’s Music Shop was the ideal choice for the job. They collaborated seamlessly with the local IT firm responsible for providing WiFi coverage in the downtown area. To securely and robustly mount the speakers and amplifiers, stainless steel banding was utilized on the light poles. Thanks to the versatility of Technomad speaker brackets, the installation team could easily adjust each speaker individually to ensure optimal coverage around the poles. Since all the electronics were consolidated into a single IP68-rated enclosure, only one AC power connection was required at each location, simplifying the wiring process.

The system’s standout features include its world-class audio quality and efficiency. With a dispersion of 120º x 120º, the system blankets the core of the Main Street area with high-quality sound emanating from low-profile loudspeakers. Moreover, the system operates with exceptional power efficiency, drawing minimal power resources. The installation in Kingsville has proven so successful that neighboring communities have expressed interest in similar systems for their shopping districts.

Technomad has been serving customers like Kingsville, Ontario, for over 25 years. Our industry-leading audio products are designed and crafted locally in Deerfield, Massachusetts, catering to clients worldwide, ranging from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios to the U.S. military. Technomad is renowned for delivering the world’s first truly weatherproof professional-grade loudspeakers, recognized for their quality, durability, and performance.



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