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The Data page includes:  fuse values, wiring, yoke, installation, drawings, dxf, cad, frequency response, polar, bracket, manual, manuals, fuses, and PDF manuals and application guides.

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* DEALER LIST- find your US Technomad reseller.

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* Upgrade Chart – select the right Technomad to replace an “ordinary” loudspeaker

* Photos of all models – top, bottom, side, front, 3/4 view…

* Complete Catalog – (PDF Format)

Technical Data

* Loudspeaker Specification Spreadsheet (XLS Format)

* Specification Pages (PDF format)

» Vernal » Vienna » Paris » Noho

» Soho » Berlin » Berlin 6040 » Berlin 9040 » Cairo » Chicago

» Turnkey PA Systems » PowerChiton™ » Schedulon Spec Sheet

* Cabinet Drawings (DXF format)

» Complete Archive (ZIP archive)

* Cabinet Drawings (PDF format)

» Vernal » Vienna » Paris » Noho

»Soho » Berlin » Cairo » Chicago » PowerChiton

NEW! Loudspeaker Performance Profiles for Audio Designers

GLL, CLF, Ease 3, Ease 4, Polars and FR (ZIP Archives)

Updated 9/29/08 – measurement by NWAA Labs.

» Vernal » Vienna » Paris » Noho » Berlin » Berlin 6040 » Berlin 9040 » All Models

» CLF File Viewer Software (external link)


» Vernal » All Loudspeakers » Turnkey PA Systems » PowerChiton Manual » RPA System » Schedulon Manual

Wall-Mounting and Yoke Mounting Brackets


* FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Troubleshooting and Common Support Topics

* Weatherproof Construction Details

* The Difference between Tour and Install loudspeakers

* READ Articles about Technomad Loudspeaker Applications

* How NOT TO USE the Vernal

* Wiring / Connector Notes by Model

* Fuse Specifications / Replacement Values by Model

* 14 Available Colors (additional cost, see pricing)

* Loudspeaker Arraying/ Rigging Systems – PolarFocus

* Wedge Monitors? Where are they?

* See Demonstration of Self-Casing ‘Tour Model’ Loudspeaker

* Schedulon Firmware Update 2.14

* Schedulon MAC Address location

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