Outdoor PA Systems for Extreme Environments
…stadium audio, marine audio, mountain audio, and more.
Weatherproof Loudspeakers, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, and Complete Systems
Mobile Audio and Permanent Installation Systems
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The world’s best outdoor PA systems – made in Massachusetts since 1995.

Stadium, town audio, mobile, restaurant/retail.

world’s first weatherproof, full-range, portable PA system.
& subwoofers – Unmatched audio quality, IP56 / Mil-Spec 810F.
Audio player / recorder, plays sounds on-demand, or automatically on schedule
Pricing, technical questions, more…
The most effective outdoor audio solution for the job.
— Nick Pitman, Clearwing Productions re Cincinatti Zoo
IP66 Weatherproof Amplifiers – Networkable, NEMA enclosed, power up to 1200 watts

The World’s Most Durable Outdoor PA Systems

Technomad is an American manufacturer of weatherproof speakers and outdoor loudspeakers, as well as waterproof stadium PA systems and outdoor amplifiers. 

Since 1994 Technomad has been manufacturing high-fidelity, IP56 weatherproof loudspeakers and rugged, reliable outdoor speaker systems.

Permanent or Portable PA System for All Environments

We create ready-to-use PA systems for mobile use and permanent installation. These are ideal for sports facilities, outdoor paging, football stadiums, multi-use areas, restaurants, retail spaces, training centers and more. 

Our PA systems feature Technomad’s fully-weatherproof loudspeakers and everything else you need – i.e. a pre-wired control rack with amplifier mixer / amplifier, microphone, wall-mount brackets and tripods, and speaker cables.

Weatherproof Outdoor Amplifiers

Technomad also makes the world’s best IP66 waterproof amplifiers – built into NEMA enclosures, these weatherproof outdoor amps are built for years of harsh conditions – no equipment room required.

Audio Scheduling

Finally, we make a useful mp3 player-recorder called the Schedulon. Great for playing church bells, theme park sound effects, corporate event audio, airport announcements, school bells, and much more. The Schedulon is an easy to use mp3 player recorder with auto mp3 playback.

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