PowerChiton Weatherproof Amplifiers

Professional-grade fully weatherproof IP66 rated mono block power outdoor amplifiers with Analog Line Level,  Ethernet, Wireless, and Twisted-Pair interface options.  Pronounced power ‘Ki-Ton’ (‘Ki’ like Kite, ‘Ton’ like Ton of bricks).

Ideal for high-performance audio installations in severe weather conditions, where no control room or other protected indoor space is available.  The PowerChiton© offers unmatched weatherproof amplification in a compact form factor.

Used in Technomad Town Audio systems and Carillon systems.

Key Features

  • True waterproof construction
  • Designed for permanent outdoor use
  • Fuse-protected amplifier unit
  • Compact and durable
  • Optional pole-mount
  • Two line-level inputs, volume of each adjustable via internal mixer
    NEW!  Ducking circuit (switchable) lets you mute one audio source when audio is present at a second input.  Great for ducking background music to let voice announcements or warnings be heard clearly.
  • Expandable with optional Ethernet, wireless RF receiver, or twisted pair audio interfaces.
  • UV stable enclosure
  • Highly efficient mono power amplifier unit
  • Integral two-line mixer, accepts line level audio signals
  • Available in 90W, 130W, 250W, 525W, and 1500W configurations (@ 8 Ohms)
  • Selectable Output Range:  full-range OR high pass (85Hz+, 350Hz+) OR low pass / subwoofer mode (85Hz and below).
  • Easily connect Technomad weatherproof loudspeakers, and your audio source (iPod, receiver, CD player) or Technomad Schedulon for the ultimate all-environment outdoor sound system.

Applications and Description

Distributed audio systems, pole-mount audio, themed entertainment, concert delay systems, outdoor paging systems, installed audio where no equipment room is available, networked audio over IP, mass transit / train yard audio, wireless audio distribution, airport and boat terminal audio, more.

The PowerChiton series of weatherproof outdoor amplifier modules represent a new approach to outdoor audio systems. Combining a high performance, passively cooled amplifier with a IP66 rated, low-profile enclosure, the PowerChiton offers the system installer or designer a new solution for the problems of distributed outdoor audio system design.

Each PowerChiton monoblock amplifier module is capable of powering an @ two-Ohm load and therefore can drive one, two, or three eight-Ohm loudspeakers.  Due to the efficient design of the amplifier module, only a passive radiator is needed for cooling and there are no moving parts in the module, reducing failure points.

There are five sizes of PowerChiton available- 90, 130, 250, 525, and 1500 Watt (mono, 8-Ohm ratings).

While they were optimized for use with the Technomad Vernal,  ViennaNoho, Berlin and Oslo weatherproof loudspeakers / subwoofers, the PowerChiton can be used with any eight or four ohm loudspeaker.  Minimum presented load should be 2.6 Ohms or greater.

The PowerChiton base model ships with two line-level inputs, which can be independently adjusted by an internal mixer (PowerChiton Nano is the exception, ships with standard Bluetooh interface and no internal mixer).  The PowerChiton has available expansion options enabling it to work on an Ethernet network (accepting any bit-rate MP3 format audio for VOIP or Audio-Over-IP applications), RDL™ Twisted Pair installation, or wireless distribution system.  When combined with Technomad’s wireless transmitter, the PowerChiton system provides an unrivaled way to distribute audio and amplify it at maximum quality.

The PowerChitons can be wall-mounted with the included mounting feet. Pole-mount adaptors are also available as well as hardware allowing the modules to be installed on the back of the associated Technomad loudspeakers.

Q: Yes, but what is up with that name?
A: A Chiton (pronounced kī’tŏn’ , like the “Ki” in kite and “Ton” like a ton of bricks) is a handsome, tough marine mollusk, which weathers the harsh tidal zones of the Pacific Northwest and other areas with ease.  More information on Chitons here.

Performance Specifications

(Max. output power @ 1% THD+N.  All models stable to 2.6Ω)

ProductPower at 8ΩPower at 4Ω
PowerChiton Nano*2x 50W1x 100W
PowerChiton Micro100W200W

» Download the new PowerChiton Application Guide for a full overview.


  • Wireless Transmitter Base Station
  • Wireless Receiver Module (factory installed in PowerChiton)
  • BreakOut Box – adds lockable enclosure with integral 4-input mixer – use it to connect an XLR mic or line-level inputs.  Ideal for post-mounted systems – directly connect to your PowerChiton via the BreakOut box.  New!  BreakoutBox XL holds up to 3 wireless microphone receivers, plus room for handheld mics and accessories.
    powerchiton breakout box power outdoor amplifiers
    » More Info
  • Ethernet Audio-Over-IP module (factory installed in PowerChiton)
  • RDL Twisted-Pair receiver Module (factory installed in PowerChiton)

Physical Specifications

  • Cabinet: Polycarbonate (gray/black)
  • Flame rating: UL94
  • Outdoor UV rating: UL tested
  • IP rating: IP66
  • Dimensions:
    • PowerChiton 1 8.50”/216mm x 7.36”/188mm x 5.20”/132mm
    • PowerChiton 2 10.50”/266mm x 8.50”/216mm x 5.20”/132mm
    • PowerChiton 3 10.50”/266mm x 8.50”/216mm x 5.20”/132mm
    • PowerChiton 4 12.5″/317mm  x 10.5″/266mm  x 5.35″/136mm

General Specifications

  • Power input: 6’ 12/3 AWG pigtail (110-120 60 Hz or 220-240 50 Hz VAC)
  • Audio input: terminal block, internal – compression fitting provides weatherproof cable access
  • Internal mixer:  two channels (balanced / unbalanced inputs) with volume knobs, plus switchable ducking circuit.
  • Network Connection (optional) : RJ45 Ethernet jack
  • Audio output: 2x NL4MP Speak-On
  • Mounting options:
    • Flange mount
    • Pole mount
    • Speaker mount

Architectural Specifications

The outdoor amplifier module shall be a single passively cool type integrated into a weatherproof, polycarbonate NEMA enclosure rated for IP66 exposure.  The unit shall be fuse-protected and capable of operating off of either 120vAC or 220vAC power.  The unit shall offer options for flange mounting and pole mounting.  The unit shall be rated at UL 94 for flame resistance. The unit shall be UL rated for UV resistance. The unit shall be capable for operating a 8 Ohms, 4 Ohms and 2.6 Ohms.  The unit shall have a THD + N less than .01%. The unit shall have a total efficiency of better than 81%. The unit shall be expandable to operate as a network audio device with optional Ethernet module.  The unit shall be passively cooled via an exposed, weatherproof aluminum heat sink.  The unit shall be expandable to operate on a FM wireless system with optional wireless module.  The unit shall be expandable to operate with RDL Twisted Pair™ distribution systems.  The unit shall be a Technomad PowerChiton Outdoor Amplifier.

Additional Photos

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