Technomad Introduces WallBox Waterproof Mixer Amplifier

wallbox outdoor amplifier and mixer

Continuing the evolution of its line of weatherproof mixer and amplification solutions, Technomad LLC of Massachusetts today announced the “WallBox”, a combined mixer-amplifier which provides a reliable audio system solution for wet or environmentally-exposed areas.

“We saw a need for a simple to deploy product that combines the all weather reliability of our PowerChiton amplifier line and the BreakoutBox weatherproof mixer in a compact package”, reports Technomad VP Rodger von Kries, who continued “our fitness club and other sports facility customers wanted an easy way to install sound systems in swimming pools and similar areas, and the WallBox makes these projects a no-brainer”.

The WallBox is available with power ratings of 50, 100, and 150 watts into eight ohm loads, and power doubles into lower impedance loads.  The unit is well-matched to Technomad’s Vernal, Vienna, Paris, and Noho Ci loudspeakers, and operates with any standard 3d party loudspeaker as well.

The systems include Technomad’s compact four-channel mixers with ducking, and wireless microphones of headset and hand-held varieties are available.  Bluetooth and audio networking interfaces are available as well, along with the Schedulon media player for on-demand or automatic audio playback.   The company suggests that a WallBox system with Schedulon would be an ideal solution for pool-side music, with music starting automatically in the morning, and changing between several playlists on a schedule before shutting down for the evening.

Technomad builds its products in Massachusetts USA, and is known for high-performance solutions for commercial and military customers. “Our build quality and design approach are totally driven by the needs of our military customers”, says von Kries, “so we expect the WallBox to be a reliable solution even in the harshest environments”.


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