Technomad’s Weatherproof Audio Solutions Enhance GPS Athletic Complex

Situated on the picturesque banks of the Chattanooga River, Girls Preparatory School (GPS) stands as one of Tennessee’s foremost all-girls private institutions. Recently, when GPS faced a challenge with the audio system for their multi-use track and field facility, the heart of their athletic complex, they turned to Technomad for innovative solutions.

The GPS track and field facility distinguishes itself from typical high school stadiums due to its peculiar design: it boasts a sizable bleacher section on one side of the field but lacks a conventional press box. Given that press boxes typically house the necessary electronics for a PA system, this posed a unique challenge. Christopher Twombley, GPS’s IT Director, reached out to Technomad in search of answers. During the discussion, he discovered Technomad’s exceptional weatherproof audio solutions, including their renowned weatherproof loudspeakers and the PowerChiton line of weatherproof power amplifiers. The introduction of PowerChitons offered the possibility of a comprehensive PA system installation without the need for climate control for the electronic components, all while delivering crystal-clear, powerful audio throughout the field and bleachers.

Chattanooga Sound, Technomad’s local systems integrator, played a crucial role in specifying the appropriate equipment configuration.

To ensure a full-range signal, four Hi-Q Berlin loudspeakers were chosen and strategically deployed, with two on each pole on the south side of the field. These speakers featured a 60×40˚ pattern controlled output on the 2” compression driver and a high-performance 15” bass driver, ensuring even coverage across the entire area. To supplement the low-end frequencies, two Oslo subwoofers were added, one per pole. These Oslos featured an 18” bass driver in a vented cabinet for outstanding bass response within a relatively compact enclosure. All six speakers were securely mounted using third-party pole mount adaptors and robust yoke-mount brackets from Technomad. To minimize their visual impact, Chattanooga Sound opted for a custom neutral gray color to seamlessly blend with the large light poles where they were affixed.

For driving the speakers, four weatherproof PowerChiton4 amplifiers were specified. A dedicated amplifier was allocated for each subwoofer, while the four Berlin speakers were powered by two amplifiers, with two speakers per amp. The two amplifiers driving the Oslos were configured with an integrated crossover filter set to the low pass (<85Hz) filter for optimal performance, while the Berlins were run at full range. Each PowerChiton also featured an RDL™ twisted pair audio receiver module, enabling audio distribution over CAT5 cabling with minimal signal loss. Thanks to the PowerChitons’ IP66-rated polycarbonate enclosures, they could be installed outdoors year-round without concerns about damage from the elements.

At the heart of the system, the Technomad BreakoutBox XL took center stage. Offering four independent inputs, each equipped with level control, the BreakoutBox XL was spacious enough to accommodate a Bluetooth™ audio receiver and Shure™ wireless microphone receiver, along with an XLR microphone level input and 1/4” line level input. All of these components were housed in a weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure, featuring a locking hasp to protect against both unauthorized access and adverse weather conditions. To address the cable length requirements, an additional auxiliary distribution enclosure was provided. This enclosure included RDL™ Twisted Pair sender units for audio distribution over CAT5 cabling and a multi-channel distribution amplifier, enabling the installation team to optimize the signal level for each of the four amplifiers.

Charlie Rhodes of Chattanooga Sound shared, “Everything sounds great, and the school is very pleased with the job.”

Technomad has been proudly serving educational institutions, such as Girls Preparatory School, for over 25 years. Their industry-leading audio products are designed and manufactured locally in Deerfield, Massachusetts, catering to clients worldwide, including prestigious venues like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and the U.S. military. Technomad is renowned for delivering the world’s first truly weatherproof, professional-grade loudspeakers, recognized for their quality, durability, and exceptional performance.


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