Electronic Carillon Sound Systems


St. Joseph’s Church, Webster, MA – with Technomad Carillon System

Technomad Electronic Carillon Systems are the easiest way to provide beautiful, realistic bell sound and music playback – and live audio – for your place of worship, campus, or school.  We also manufacture wireless ‘Town Audio’ systems.

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Head-end units retail at $1999, and complete packages retail at $4999 and up.

We combine a simple to install, simple to use Technomad Turn-Key Install PA system (3 sizes available) with our Schedulon audio player-recorder to create a remarkable audio system.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Unmatched audio playback quality – deep bass, detailed highs, no ‘horn’ sound.  Bells sound like bells, music is full, rich and beautiful
  • PA Systems offer range up to 1 mile.  View Range / Volume Chart
  • Totally weatherproof loudspeakers – Mil-Spec 810F quality, used around the world in the harshest conditions
  • Pre-integrated amp/control rack – just connect power, install loudspeakers, and connect provided speaker cables.   Simple!
  • Included multi-input mixer (connect your own audio gear)
  • Included microphone for live announcements
  • Schedulon control unit allows instant playback of sounds from audio library
  • Add your own music and sounds to the Schedulon audio library (copy audio from your computer)
  • Schedulon allows scheduled playback of sounds on a schedule you set – easy to configure using knob and screen, or using a web-browser.
  • Schedulon Web Interface
  • Set a weekly schedule, have special music play on important days, play bell sounds at desired intervals, play voice announcements – unmatched flexibility!
  • Schedulon can play most audio file formats, including MP3 files of any quality / bitrate.  WAV and OGG too.
  • Schedulon can RECORD audio from microphone or line-input.  Record your own announcements or music, then schedule playback – or play back ‘on-demand’ using simple knob and screen.

Typical System Configuration

  • 1 x Technomad iPA System (iPA1, iPA2, or iPA3 – iPA2 suggested for most applications)
    System includes amplifier, multi-input mixer, equipment case with lids, hand-held microphone, pair of loudspeakers.   Pre-wired, delivered ready-to-use.
  • 1 x Schedulon Audio Player/Recorder (pre-installed into IPA System at factory)
  • 2 x 100-foot loudspeaker cables (to run from control rack to loudspeakers in tower).  Longer cables available.

Already have a PA system and just need the head-end control unit?  Purchase the Schedulon alone to upgrade your existing Carillon.

Applications:  Church Bell, Carillon, Mosque Call-to-Prayer, Synagogue Audio, Fixed Installation Ceremonial Use, School-Bell Playback and Control, Campus Audio Systems
Example Installation:  St. Joseph’s Church, Webster, MA

Options include a Wireless Microphone, a CD Player, additional loudspeakers, and more.  Your local Technomad dealer can help you configure the perfect system.

Technomad Carillon Systems – the ultimate solution for your worship-audio needs!
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