Wireless Town Audio Systems

Technomad Wireless “Town Audio” Systems – ideal for plazas, pedestrian zones, holiday zones, and more.  Light-pole mounted amplifier and loudspeakers provide high quality audio for large areas – speech announcements and music.
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Light Pole Sound System for Town Audio

Cover a single outdoor location or many square miles using Technomad scalable town audio solutions.  Waterproof amplifiers mount directly to light poles or other structures, and operate from 110-240V AC power.  We pair the amplifiers with Technomad military-grade loudspeakers that last for decades and deliver unmatched speech clarity and music playback quality.   We tie everything together with several choices of wired or wireless audio distribution, and connect to your head-end system OR provide you with a complete turn-key audio source system with microphone and automatic / on-demand audio playback.

We also offer simple turn-key solutions to play COVID-19 / Social Distancing messages, using our automatic Schedulon message repeater.

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