Technomad Wireless Outdoor Audio

Technomad wireless audio solutions make distributing outdoor audio simple. [ See our complete Town-Audio solutions here. ]  With 250 foot range ( 76 meters) between transmitter and receiver, we make getting audio where you need it simple and cost effective.  Full bandwidth digital audio, no dropouts, no complex setup.  Plug and play.  2.4Ghz closed network systems*, robust and reliable even in dense RF environments.  Longer ranges available with custom configurations, depending on site conditions.

Wireless examples:

  • Point to Point.¬† e.g. Audio from press box streamed ‚Äėlive‚Äô to concession stand PA system.
  • Star¬†e.g. Audio from Administration office streamed live to bus pickup area, stadium PA system, and patio area (one source, three targets)
  • Wide Area¬†e.g. Audio from Town Hall streamed live to 80 light-pole audio systems, to provide background music and paging.¬†

We can integrate our wireless transmitters and receivers into the PowerChiton amplifier line, the amplifier racks of our TurnKey PA Systems, or into the DragonFly portable systems.  

How can you you use Technomad wireless?

  • Eliminate the need for trenching / cutting concrete to install loudspeaker cables or audio signal lines.
  • Distribute audio to lighting poles (streetscape / background audio wireless systems)
  • Distribute audio between different areas in a sport complex ‚Äď e.g. press box to concession stand, press box to visiting team bleachers / visitor seating area
  • Quick setup of large / temporary wireless audio systems for events, fairs, auctions, airshows, etc.
  • ‚Ķand¬† much more.

Have your own WiFi network and want to stream audio over it?   We offer simple solutions to stream audio over your WiFi infrastructure.

Contact us with your wireless audio project today! Click here for an overview of the options. 

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Light Pole Audio System



Key Concepts:  Wireless town audio, light-pole audio, light post audio, wide-area municpal paging, Airnetix, Streetsound