Stadium Audio Systems

Looking for the ultimate athletic field or stadium audio system?  Technomad loudspeakers offer unmatched reliability, fidelity, and output in a compact package. Current users include the College of New Jersey, the Tony Gwynn Stadium in San Diego, the Nehru Stadium in India, Cinergy Field, the US Government, and many others.  With a 10-year cabinet warranty, 13 available colors, flexible mounting options, unmatched sound quality for speech and music, and Mil-Spec construction, Technomad loudspeakers and turnkey PA systems are the ideal choice for stadium PA use.  » Read where to install stadium loudspeakers for best results

Key Features:

  • Totally weatherproof construction for permanent outdoor installation.
  • Wide dispersion – 2 to 4 cabinets cover a typical high-school football field easily.
  • Superior music playback fidelity AND outstanding voice intelligibility – vastly better audio quality than other “weather-resistant” brands
  • Wide operating bandwidth – no “horn-sound”, great bass response, high-frequency response to 18 kHz
  • Easy, flexible installation

Turnkey PA Systems:


  • Vienna (150 watt loudspeaker)
  • Paris (200 watt loudspeaker)
  • Noho (300 watt loudspeaker)
  • Berlin (400 watt loudspeaker)

Reference Articles about Technomad Stadium Audio Systems:

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