Vernal Loudspeakers from Technomad Welcome Christmas Spirit to Norwood

While the holidays were anything but traditional in 2020, a recent installation of Vernal speakers from Technomad welcomed the season in style to the city square in Norwood, MA. The city of Norwood wanted to share music throughout its city square and park, and Parsons Audio recommended the Technomad Vernal as a great weatherproof option. The speakers now ring with Christmas carols, holiday, and light classical music for all to enjoy.

Parsons Audio is a leading dealer in professional audio products in New England, Florida and beyond. Parsons also offers expertise in installation and ongoing customer support and has successfully installed a variety of Technomad products for clients.

“The city and its residents are really happy with the speakers and sent us a video on the first snowy day with Christmas carols playing as the snow swirled around,” said Roger Talkov, managing partner for Parsons Audio, based in Wellesley. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about these compact speakers that work great no matter what the weather conditions.

Norwood, “the town everyone returns to,” also hosts “Carillon Concerts on the Common,” which feature church bells and music in addition to other summer concerts and outdoor music.

The Vernal line of ultra-compact, full-range speakers from Technomad is peerless in performance and design. Built for permanent outdoor installation in all climates, the speakers account for higher ambient noise levels in the great outdoors to produce clear sounds through state-of-the-art low-frequency drivers.

The smallest speaker in the Technomad MP Series, the Vernal is 9 by 6 by 6 inches and only weighs 8.5 pounds, making for easy installation. Available in 14 colors, the speakers include dual-mode operation and can be wall- or yoke-mounted.

In addition to the compact speakers, Parsons Audio has also installed Technomad’s Carillon systems and the Schedulon Automatic Audio Player, among other local sound installations. The world’s best outdoor PA systems have been made in Massachusetts since 1995.

With a 25-year legacy, Technomad continues to make all of its products locally in Deerfield, Mass., and work with clients across the globe, including Disney, Universal Studios, the U.S. military and many more. The world’s first truly weatherproof professional-grade loudspeakers are recognized for their quality, durability and performance.

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