Oak Grove High School Grizzlies Upgrade Sound System Just in Time for the Playoffs

Noho Ci Speakers

When Oak Grove High School in Hickory, North Carolina made the football playoffs at the end of the 2021 season, Athletic Director Stan Smith knew it was past time to fix the school’s underperforming sound system. Since the school opened in 2017, the audio system serving the Grizzlies’ playing fields and track had not met their needs. The cumbersome athletic sound system wasn’t loud enough to be heard over the high school’s roaring crowd, and the speakers were big, ugly, and stuck out randomly around the athletic facility – a real eyesore in an otherwise brand-new facility. 

To help Oak Grove High School celebrate its football winning streak in style, the team’s booster club raised money to improve the field’s sound system. In addition to high school football, soccer and baseball games, the athletic center also hosts community events and a youth pee-wee football league throughout the year. The entire community would benefit from an investment in professional speakers before the big game.

“Ken and his team did a great job installing our sound system in our stadium. They were very helpful in getting the system in and installed in a timely manner. I really appreciated his customer service and keeping me updated on a timeline,” says Stan Smith, Director of Athletics at Oak Grove High School. “The new system sounds much clearer, and desirable compared to the previous set up. We’ve gotten plenty of comments from our spectators about the difference it has made in their fan experience… and we feel like we got a product in the Technomad that will last for years and years to come.”

Technomad installation partner Ken Johnson serves schools and businesses throughout North Carolina, Tennessee, and Southern Virginia. His company, JDS, Inc. has been in business for 22 years, and he has been a major supplier of Technomad audio technology for eight years. When Ken was contacted by Oak Grove High School, the newest school in the Davidson County Schools system, he was surprised at the poor sound quality the new school had started out with. His installation team had less than a month until the school’s first playoff game in years, and Johnson was up to the challenge to find them a new, high-tech sound system that looked and sounded much better.

First the JDS team removed the old, mismatched speakers that surrounded the Grizzlies’ football field and high school track. The team’s boosters wanted louder speakers that produced a better sound quality and a system that looked as good as it sounds. The JDS installation team delivered in just three weeks, working with Technomad to design a better Grizzlies fan experience with an all-digital audio set-up that is both wireless and software controlled. No mixer mishaps are in the future at Oak Grove High School! 

A four member JDS crew installed the all-weather mounts on brand new light poles around the stadium. Made to withstand sun, snow, rain, and wind – the new Technomad audio system looks and sounds professional. Six new ultra-compact Technomad Noho speakers offer a full loudspeaker range and weatherproofing protections. The company’s flagship product, the Noho offers a sleek, expert design with a matte-finish and molded shell that helps to improve acoustics. The speakers’ single stand mount sockets allow for quick and simple installation.  Each speaker’s three-layer WeatherTech™ grill helps to protect it from the worst the elements can offer – which in North Carolina can include snow, sleet, and wind.

The system’s best features are the professional audio quality it produces and its efficiency. With 120º x 120º dispersion, the sound of the Grizzlies now reaches across the field to the away stands, and throughout the track and practice areas used for school and community events. From football stats to music and emergency response to the national anthem – with a new Noho Ci audio system from Technomad, the Grizzlies football team is ready for anything – including the playoffs! 

Technomad has been serving customers like Oak Grove High School for more than 25 years. Its industry-leading audio products are designed and made locally in Deerfield, Massachusetts for clients around the globe, from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios to the U.S. military. Technomad delivers the world’s first truly weatherproof professional-grade loudspeakers, recognized for their quality, durability and performance.


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