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Technomad Turnkey PA Systems – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ / F.A.Q.)

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All Technomad Turnkey PA systems operate off of standard 110/120V AC power. A 10A circuit provides ample current.

YES. Technomad systems are “open”- we provide mixers with standard XLR, 1/4″, and RCA connectors, allowing you to plug virtually any audio playback device (cd player, tape deck, iPod™, MP3 player, computer) into the PA system. An additional 1/8″ stereo input is provided on the front of the mixer so you can directly attach your music playback device with a standard 1/8″ stereo cable.

Factory-installed options include a wireless microphone, a Schedulon MP3 player/recorder, a CD player, extra loudspeakers, and more. See the Options Page for details.

Under optimal conditions the iPA1 or mPA1 (small install or small mobile systems) will cover a core section of bleachers or compact outdoor area – @ 100-200 people. The iPA2 or mPA2 (medium install or medium mobile systems) will cover and ENTIRE football field – home side, field, and away side – @ 1000+ people. The iPA3 or mPA3 (large install or large mobile systems) will cover very large sports facilities – 2000+ people.

YES. You can add like-type loudspeakers to any Technomad Turnkey PA system to bring the total quantity up to 6 loudspeakers. You do not need to change your amplifier to power six loudspeakers – this capability is built-in.

A. Yes! We pre-wire the whole PA system at our factory – all you have to do is plug in AC power and plug the loudspeaker cables into the loudspeakers. If you want to permanently mount the loudspeakers to the sides of your press box, you’ll need to be comfortable with basic hand tools, etc. Or, you can simply set the loudspeakers on the roof of your press box for the duration of a game and take them in when the game is done. Operating the system is very simple, and we provide step-by-step instructions.

Click here to download the Turnkey PA PDF product sheet.

Technomad systems are sold through a network of US / International dealers. They’ll be happy to help you with pricing and delivery times. Please click here for a list of US dealers by state. Note: pricing is set by the dealers. Also, if you have ANY trouble getting a quote from a dealer, please let us know.

The natural instinct is to install loudspeakers on poles, facing the “home side” stands. This is a mistake! Speakers should be located on the Press Box, pointing directly across the field at the Away Side. Click Here To Read More! For baseball use, you should install loudspeakers’ right behind home plate in a cluster, on loudspeaker pointing @ 45 degrees left and the other @ 45 degrees right.

The loudspeakers included with Technomad Turnkey PA Systems are completely weatherproof. They are IP56 compliant – read what that means here. They are impervious to rain, snow, sleet, salt fog, UV radiation, insect attack, rough handling, and more. They are Military-Grade, and are constructed from thick, one-piece polyethylene. No other commercial loudspeaker comes close to the physical and electrical reliability of Technomad. You can install your Technomad loudspeakers outdoors, permanently, year-round. The “control rack” – amplifier / mixer racks – can get wet when their lids are attached, but should be protected from moisture when in-use.

“Music store” PA systems are intended for general purpose, indoor sound reinforcement. They cannot survive outside installation (the loudspeaker cones will break down, the cabinets will rot, metal will rust, etc). Also, these systems are unable to project sound powerfully enough to cover large, outdoor areas. Speech will be unclear, and music will lack impact. In contrast, Technomad Turnkey PA systems offer an unmatched combination of military-grade reliability and powerful audio reproduction that handles large outdoor areas with ease.

People sometimes attempt to cover their indoor or outdoor even using a compact, “all-in-one” PA system such as the Fender Passport or Anchor Liberty PA. While these systems are useful for small, low-volume events, they are not powerful enough to project sound in large outdoor areas or in noisy, reverberant gyms. These systems tend to be operating at the edge of their capacity, and sound strained, distorted, or clipped when pushed too hard. Sound quality suffers, and speech clarity is very poor. Also, these all-in-one systems are highly sensitive to weather (rain, moisture, etc.) and cannot be installed permanently. A Technomad Turnkey PA system offers VASTLY better music and speech quality than cheap plastic all-in-one systems, and orders of magnitude more reliable.

Technomad Turnkey PA systems offer unmatched speech and voice clarity, free of horn-mouth distortion and the limited frequency range of other systems. The result Speech is clear, intelligible, and natural sounding, even in noisy or windy environments. Choose Technomad Turnkey PA systems for the best voice clarity available.

A. YES. Because we only make weatherproof IP56 loudspeakers, we concentrate all our design efforts on building no-compromises loudspeakers that both sound great and are rugged, reliable and weatherproof. We’re able design our drivers, crossover networks, enclosures, and grill systems as a system – we don’t have a “standard” indoor loudspeaker line which we mangle to make “weather resistant”. Technomad loudspeakers are used by sound reinforcement and sound installation firms in demanding music and speech applications around the world – and Technomad loudspeakers are used by the White House Communications Agency for speeches by the President. If you’ve been using a ‘horn’ system or a music store PA, you’ll find your Technomad PA system delivers much clearer speech at long range (even with lots of crowd noise and wind), and you’ll find that music is vastly better (deep bass, detailed highs).

Horn systems degrade speech and destroy music quality. Technomad Turnkey PA systems handle voice paging and music playback, and do it all vastly better than a horn system or a “music store” PA system.

Technomad Turnkey PA systems can be installed on a building, press-box, pole, or other sturdy structure. Note: there is a best place to install loudspeakers in a stadium for best sound quality. See below… In general, Technomad Turnkey PA systems can be used virtually everywhere.

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