Schedulon Quick-Start Guide

Schedulon Quick-Start Guide

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Thank you for purchasing the Technomad Schedulon Audio Player/Recorder. The Schedulon has been designed to offer scheduled and on demand playback of audio files as a stand-alone unit. The playback settings for the control knob and the playback schedule can be either programmed using a web-browser on a computer connected to the unit via the ethernet jack or by using the Local Control Mode – that is, programming the unit only using its knob and screen.

Initial Access (Ethernet)
The Schedulon ships configured to automatically obtain an IP address when powered on while connected to a network with a router. Simply plug the unit to the network using an ethernet cable, power it on and then the IP address will be displayed on the Schedulon’s screen. If you plan to leave the Schedulon deployed on the network, you can simply leave the unit IP settings alone and use the IP address shown on the screen of the Schedulon to access the unit.

If you would like to change from an automatically assigned IP address to a fixed address, log into the unit using the IP address shown and go to the settings page. Here you can change the IP address from to the IP address you would like to use along with net mask and router information.

When first entering the web-browser interface, you will be asked to for a username and password. The username field is not used – leave it blank. fThe default password is 0000. This can be changed in the Settings tab.

Initial Access (LCM mode)
1) set the unit into local configuration mode (LCM) by turning the knob one turn past the last music assignment until the ‘Configuration Mode’ message appears.
2) Press the knob until “Configuration” becomes “Entering Local Configuration Mode” (approximately 5 seconds)
Upon first entering the LCM , you will be required to specify your password. The unit comes pre-configured with a default password of 0000.
3) In authentication mode, the top line of the LCD will read “Password” and the bottom will read “****” with the first “*” blinking.
4) To enter the password, turn the dial for each “*” until the appropriate digit is displayed. Press the knob to advance to the next digit. When finished, press the knob again. Upon successful authentication, the LCD will display “Main Menu”
You can set the unit IP address, subnet, router, etc… from LCM mode- see the manual for full details.

Once the unit has obtained or been assigned an IP address, you can use any modern browser on a computer with access to the unit to configure the unit. You can either connect directly the unit with a crossover cable, connect with local hub/switch and a standard cable or even access the unit remotely over a network provided the unit has a known IP address. Once you have logged into the unit, you can upload files, assign files for playback schedules, assign files to knob playback positions and create playlists. You can also trigger playback of an audio file through a network connection.