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Most Technomad loudspeakers are equipped with protective fuses. Our fuse assemblies help to protect the internal passive net-works from catastrophic failure of the amplifier, and from severe over-driving of the loudspeaker. These fuses will not protect the driver from damage due to clipping or excessive power. The fuses are not a guarantee against damage to the network- the user is still liable for any damage due to overpowering or improper use of the loudspeaker.
Fuse(s) are installed within fuse holder(s) located at the bottom or back of the loudspeaker. Fuse can be accessed by lightly pushing and turning the slotted center of the fuse holder counter-clockwise (open) using a standard blade screwdriver.

ALL FUSES ARE 1-1/4″ x 1/4″ 250v ceramic slow-blow fuses – only the amp-value varies. Some loudspeakers have two fuses. 70-volt (“T”) Models, i.e. the Vienna 16T do not have fuses.

Fuse Values and Locations by Model

Model Main Fuse Value/Location HF Fuse Value/Location (if any)
Vernal 15 no fuse
Vienna 16 2.5A, rear
Paris 616 3A, rear
Noho C 4A, bottom
Soho 12 4A, bottom
Berlin 15/H 5A, bottom right* 2.5A, bottom left*
Cairo 15/C 4A, bottom right* 4A, bottom left*
Chicago 15/12 8A, bottom

* Orientation: for loudspeakers with two fuses, lies the speaker on its back, grill up. Now you can identify the left and right fuse locations.