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Customer Comments about a Technomad Stadium PA

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Our customer wrote ““A short clip of video with the IPA2 and 2 addtional NOHO speakers playing. Unbelievable!”  This is a great example of what Technomad Stadium PA Systems sound like on the field.   This footage was shot by a customer on an iPhone, but you can still hear the remarkable music quality and detailed, articulate sound.   This is our very popular iPA2 system.

“In June 2002, Dyersburg High School (Dyersburg, TN) wanted to install a new sound system for their football stadium. They wanted a system that provided the full range of sound and one that was powerful enough to cover a rowdy crowd of 6,000. There were no stadiums in our region that were using Technomads, so we had no way of sampling their capabilities.

We had heard through the ‘grapevine’ that we should give Technomad a try. We selected 4 Noho C’s… when the loudspeakers came in; I just flat out said these are not big enough to throw sound across the field. All four loudspeakers were installed on the ‘home’s side, as recommended by Technomad.

We turned it on and ‘cranked it up’ and it was like WOW! Simply put, unbelievable. When you come to a football game, no matter where you are at in the stadium, you clearly can hear the announcer. The music sounds great. One teenager said, ‘the new PA was like a rock concert on the 10th row’. The home team says ‘Thanks Technomad!’ – the visiting team is not near as thankful.”

Mark Grant
C/O Dyersburg High School
Dyersburg, TN