Technomad Berlin Loudspeaker Covers Vast Outdoor Area at Big Country Baptist Assembly

The Technomad Berlin survives the harsh environmental conditions in Texas while producing pristine audio over long distances

Berlin 6040 doubles as outdoor public address and background music system at ministry camp in west Texas

BOSTON, April 26, 2011 — They say everything is bigger in Texas.  That statement certainly rings true for the sound improvements coming soon to the Big Country Baptist Assembly (BCBA) in Lueders, Texas.

The venerable ministry camp is installing a Technomad Berlin 6040 weatherproof loudspeaker on the roof of its new worship center to broadcast news and prayer sessions across a designated area of its 100-acre campus.  The Berlin will also play background music, creating a soothing atmosphere for the approximately 17,000 campers who attend every year.





The Technomad Berlin 6040 is a powerful IP56 weatherproof, two-way full-range loudspeaker.  Its creative design offers a narrow dispersion pattern that is ideal for design engineers, contractors and consultants seeking a more controlled output pattern, while retaining the high-audio quality and rugged design that are benchmarks of all Technomad loudspeakers.

According to Ray Clark, owner of the Texas-based installation companyTru-Sound Studio, the Berlin 6040 is the most ideal fit for the BCBA campus.  Clark noted that one Berlin 6040 loudspeaker is all that is needed to cover a specific recreational area of the campus where most of the outdoor activities take place.

“The Technomad Berlin 6040 is fully weatherproof, which is necessary to withstand the extreme climate conditions in Texas,” said Clark.  “It also delivers pristine directional sound for strategic audio coverage, which is exactly what the BCBA wants.  The Berlin 6040 will easily carry intelligible announcements to the north end of the camp over a quarter-mile distance, reaching the outdoor water park, the basketball and volleyball courts, the pool area, and the archery and shooting range area.”

The Technomad Berlin 6040 offers constant directivity to maintain a consistent dispersion pattern of 60×40.  This gives systems designers more flexibility when working in tightly controlled acoustic environments or in outdoor installations where long distance projection is required, such as on the BCBA campus.

BCBA will install a speaker mount on top of the new worship center, allowing Clark to quickly mount the Berlin 6040 and run the cable to the indoor sound room.  With more than 20 years in the audio business, Clark is continually impressed with the overall excellent quality of Technomad loudspeakers.

“When you are installing an outdoor sound system, sound quality is the main concern,” said Clark.  “And the Berlin has incredible sound quality.”

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