Technomad Cabinet Flame Refurbishment

Technomad Cabinet Flame Refurbishment

Technomad cabinets can be ‘refinished’ using a blowtorch.

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  • observe all fire safety precautions.
  • don’t do this inside
  • don’t try this on a non-Technomad product – they are often made of flammable plastic, and/or have walls too thin to allow flame treatment.
  • use common sense!  have a fire extinguisher handy
  • you assume all risks and liabilities if you attempt this, and damage you cause is not covered by the Technomad warranty.
Blowtorch refinishing


  1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the speaker using warm water, a soft brush, and mild non-detergent soap.
  2. Dry the loudspeaker.
  3. Using a propane blowtorch, slowly fan the flame over the scratches you need to repair. In a few seconds you will see the scratches disappear and the surface will become shiny as a thin film of plastic liquifies. Deep scratches may take longer to erase.IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHAR THE SPEAKER if the flame is kept on one area for too long.
    Constantly keep the flame in motion.
    Keep the flame away from loudspeaker cones, compression drivers, foam grill covering, Neutrik jacks and other hardware.
    SPECIAL CARE IS NEEDED WHEN FLAME TREATING Vernal, Vienna, & Paris loudspeakers – they have thinner walls and can deform if heat is left on one spot too long!
  4. Allow the surface to completely cool for 15 or more minutes or until the treated area is cool and hard to the touch.
  5. Buff the surface with a 3M Scotch-Brite pad, fine steel wool or other mild abrasive.
    This will bring the treated surface area back to the original factory finish.