Install PA Systems, Ultimate

Technomad now offers great-sounding, fully weatherproof PA Systems that install anywhere with AC power – no pressbox or other dry location required!

These powerful turn-key packages install quickly, and come with everything you need.

Get rid of legacy ‘horn’ systems, and experience the high-fidelity power of Technomad ‘install-anywhere’ sound systems. 

Unmatched music playback and clear, intelligible voice. Don’t settle for bulky ‘commercial-grade’ gear – upgrade to a powerful, quick-to-deploy Technomad audio system for your field.

Technomad PowerChiton BreakoutBox waterproof mixer front end
Waterproof Mixer and Amplifier included in each Install Ultimate System – No Equipment Room Needed!

Similar to our Press-Box mounted Install ‘Turn-Key’ PA systems in performance, the Install-Anywhere PA packages feature:

  • Fully weatherproof, US-made, military-grade loudspeakers (ViennaNohoBerlin)
  • Rustproof mounting hardware (pole mount or panel mount available)
  • Fully Waterproof PowerChiton amplifier module (installs outdoors – 110 to 220 V AC)
  • Weatherproof BreakoutBox mixer, with locking gasketed lid, wired microhpone, and four input mixer.  (Expand to the BreakoutBox XL and factory installed wireless mic system for even more flexibility!)

These systems are simple to install – if you purchase a Berlin-based system the heaviest component weighs only 100 lbs.  Vienna or Noho based systems are even lighter.  Modular approach means you can add a Technomad audio system to and existing lighting pole or wall without major modifications (and without major cost).

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Model# IA-1 An excellent basic system. 200+ listeners. » More info

Model# IA-2 Our most popular package. 1000+ listeners. » More info

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Model# IA-3 The ultimate install PA system. 2000+ listeners. » More info