Our favorite PowerChiton outdoor amplifier installations

The PowerChiton outdoor amplifier series now includes the BreakOut Box series, offering local audio control, playback and storage in a highly protective enclosure

Technomad introduced our PowerChiton IP66 weatherproof amplifiers over 5 years ago.  Starting with a single model, we now have power options from 100 to 1500 watts, and several models of BreakoutBox waterproof front-end mixer systems.

We thought it’d be fun to share some of our favorite PowerChiton application articles, so you can see the different ways these weatherproof problem-solvers are used.  Have a PowerChiton installation story of your own?  Tell us about it!

Song 1, Hirshhorn Smithsonian NY
Remarkable multi-media art installation, powered by surface-mounted PowerChiton amplifiers.  Seamless audio and video wrapped around this iconic structure in New York City.  Click for photos and video.
Tornado Recovery Project, Union University, TN
Interesting view of the aftermath of a powerful tornado, and the reconstruction project in which we played a small part.  Click for before and after photos.
Greenwood Community Theater
Outdoor performance space cleverly linked to multiple concert spaces, extending the venue as needed.  Click for satellite photos and equipment close-ups.
Excelsior Springs High School Scorebord
No space for amplifier racks?  No problem.  In this upgrade, PowerChitons were installed right inside the scoreboard, replacing rusted and insect damaged legacy amps.
Tacoma Washington Historic Stadium
PowerChitons driving HighQ Berlins.  Installed right on the salt water of the Sound. Click for photos, a map, and more.



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