Gymnasium Sound Systems

Technomad Install PA systems are ideal for Gym and Swimming Pool use.  Our military-derived designs offer unmatched speech clarity in large, reverberant spaces (like a gymnasium or swimming pool), and deliver superior music quality. 


Rugged construction shrugs off damage from balls and moist pool air.

These preassembled PA packages¬†provide everything you need‚Ästall you have to do is plug in power and attach the speaker cables.

Technomad PA systems are used world-wide by the US Government, Universal Studios, all major Cruise Ship Lines, sports facilities like the Tony Gwynn Baseball Stadium, CNJ football stadium… and hundreds more.

New!¬†Model#¬†IPA.5¬†A tiny system with great performance. 75+ listeners.¬†¬Ľ¬†More info

Model#¬†IPA1¬†An excellent basic system. 200+ listeners.¬Ľ¬†More info

Model#¬†IPA2¬†Our most popular package. 1000+ listeners.¬Ľ¬†More info

IDEAL for Mid-Sized Gyms or Swimming Pools

Model#¬†IPA3¬†The¬†ultimate¬†install PA system. 2000+ listeners.¬†¬Ľ¬†More info