Technomad Aboard Cunard Cruise Lines

Technomad Weather Tech Noho/C Installation model

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA – Wavelength Systems and Design, Inc., finds success with Technomad loudspeakers for on-deck cruise ship entertainment systems. Wavelength recently installed an aft-deck entertainment system, consisting of four Technomad Weather Tech Noho/C Installation model full-range loudspeakers, aboard the Cunard Cruise Lines, Vista fjord. Installed three decks above the main aft entertainment deck, the Noho/C loudspeakers deliver crisp, clear and articulate sound over the complete multi-level area. The Nohos cut through the noise of the environment, without harshness, and due to their ‘EQ compliant’ design, deliver a solid, imp active low-end response that does not weaken or diminish over great distances.

Mr. Greg Dunn, Vice President of Wavelength Systems and Design, notes, “We have been designing permanently installed Technomad systems where the lids for the loudspeakers are easily accessible, so the loudspeakers can be quickly covered prior to wash down. The power and processing rack, which is the equipment that is most susceptible to the elements, is rolled out independently, and the technician just plugs into the Technomad’s jacks. These Technomad systems are usually going out on the fore, aft or pool deck entertainment areas. It’s also nice to get the Technomad loudspeakers in the white, as well as 13 other colored enclosures, which is a feature other manufacturers are not able, or unwilling, to provide in their weatherized speaker models.”

Technomad loudspeakers go into some of the harshest and abusive environments on a ship and, according to Mr. Dunn, “No one ever complains about them. We normally hear back about every piece of equipment we install on a ship, but we have to ask, ‘How are the Technomads holding up?’ and the answer is always, ‘they are working great.’ The comfort level with Technomad is definitely there.

Mr. Dunn continues, “Aside from the weatherization characteristics of a Technomad, if you look at the logistics of the Technomad cabinet construction alone, you can literally ship a Technomad without any packing material. So in terms of using them for ‘bang around’ outdoor, portable, on-deck systems, as well as permanently installed systems, I have never heard any negative comments.”

Derek Warner, freelance audio/video consultant with cruise line entertainment technology specialists, C-Deck 731, of Santa Monica, California, has worked with Technomad sound systems installed aboard the American Hawaiian Cruise ship, Independence, and most recently, the new Technomad system installed aboard Cunard’s, Vista fjord.

During the month Mr. Warner was aboard the Independence, he became familiar with a Technomad system consisting of two Berlin loudspeakers that are permanently installed on the aft entertainment/pool deck, facing into the wind. After he learned the two Berlin loudspeakers had been installed over 18 months earlier, Mr. Warner’s initial comment about the durability of Technomad loudspeakers was simply, “These things are unstoppable!”

Transferring to the Cunard, Vista fjord, Mr. Warner comments on his second Technomad experience. “The Technomad system of four Nohos is sub-mixed from the disco, which overlooks the Vista fjord’s aft-deck. Our first test of Technomad system was for the Easter Morning Sunrise Service. I know not exactly a stunning way to show off the new loudspeakers, since all we were doing was standard vocal PA. But, the DJ and I gave the system a thorough test later that first day at sea. The DJ thought the Nohos were too small to cover the whole deck. Let me tell you, those little Technomads blew everyone away. He’s a believer now; you’ve got yourselves another satisfied customer.”

For more info about the services of Wavelength Systems and Design, contact Greg Dunn, 721 East El Segundo Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245 Tel: 310-322-9075 fax: 310-322-0720

For more info about the services of C-Deck 731 (since he is never home) reach Derek Warner at [email protected].

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