Princess Cruise Lines install Technomad Weather Tech Loudspeakers

Princess Cruise Lines Sailing with Technomad Loudspeakers

El Segundo, California – Princess Cruise Lines, through Thomas-Gregor Audio of El Segundo, California, recently took delivery of a total of eight Technomad Berlin model, full-range loudspeakers for two ship installations. Four white Berlin loudspeakers aboard the Crown Princess and the Regal Princess, now provide complete and thorough high-fidelity sound coverage for the each ship’s main pool deck area. The Technomad Berlin loudspeakers were part of several systems upgrades that recently took place while the Crown Princess was in wet dock in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and while the Regal Princess was in dry dock in Portland, Oregon. According to Paul Cutone of Thomas-Gregor Associates, “The loudspeakers previously used in these pool deck sound systems had completely deteriorated due to the harsh environments found at sea. New Crown MacroTech 2400 amps, outboard processing and EQ were added in addition to the Technomad loudspeakers. Several components of the systems, such as the Ashley MM508 mixers, Crest CA4 monitor amps, JBL stage and monitors remain intact.”

While the two ships cruise the Alaskan waterways in the summer, and the pool decks are not utilized, the Berlin loudspeakers are securely sealed with their installation-version, water-tight, gasketed lids. In the winter months, when the ships cruise the Caribbean, the lids are secured to the back of the Berlin loudspeaker cabinets when the loudspeakers are active. “During evening hours, when the decks and walls are hosed and cleaned down, the lids of the loudspeakers are replaced to protect the drivers. There are no other loudspeakers, from any manufacturer, that can do this,” notes Mr. Cutone. “The Technomads are the ideal choice for outdoor cruise ship and amusement park high-powered audio installations.

“The loudspeakers were flown horizontally underneath the ‘pool mezzanine’ deck. Installation was quick and easy, and I was very impressed how easily the Technomads installed to their standard 20:1 D-Ring fly points,” notes TGA vice president, Greg Kirkland. Mr. Kirkland continues, “Since installing the Technomads aboard these two ships, we have had reports back from the ships’ technicians stating they have never had such clear, powerful and all-encompassing sound on the pool decks before. They are extremely happy with the Technomads. In the past, there have been many projects that required specially prepared, weatherized loudspeakers. We wished we had a line of loudspeakers like Technomad, just from the economy aspect of the job! Technomad is very high on our list for all future, outdoor audio applications.” Technomad loudspeakers are designed to be used in abusive, real-world situations – year-round, in-doors or out – without fear of water, sand, salt, temperature, mold, mildew, condensation, chemical, insect, UV light radiation, or other damage. Technomad offers the only off-the-shelf PA speaker system that meets Military-Specification 810E and is ATA III rated. Technomad loudspeakers are the ideal choice for amusement and water parks, aquariums, aquatic facilities, seaside resorts, casinos, city, state and federal parks, cruise ships, outdoor stadiums, arenas and theaters, sound hire companies, military uses, etc. All Technomad loudspeaker models are protected by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry: 10 year cabinet warranty, 5 year external cabinet hardware warranty and a 2 year electronic component warranty.

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