Application: 70 Volt / Distributed Audio Systems

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Looking for the ultimate 70-volt audio system? Technomad 70-volt-ready loudspeakers offer unmatched reliability, fidelity, and output in a compact package. Current users include Universal Studios, Disney, the US Government, and many others. With a 10-year cabinet warranty, 13-standard colors, flexible mounting options, true horn-loaded high-frequency sections, and Mil-Spec construction, Technomad 70-volt systems are the right choice for sound contracting

Key Features:

  • High-quality internal transformers deliver wide-bandwidth audio.
  • Brass switch on the back of the cabinet sets power tap
  • All models include an 8-Ohm bypass setting
  • High Power taps – Vernal has up to 60 watt taps, Vienna and Paris up to 128 watt taps, Soho, Noho, Berlin have available 400 watt transformer option.

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MP Series:

  • Vernal T (60 watt 70-volt loudspeaker)
  • Vienna T (128 watt 70-volt loudspeaker)
  • Paris T (128 watt 70-volt loudspeaker)

    AS Series
    All models can be converted to 70-volt by ordering a high powered internal transformer option

  • Soho (400 watt 70-volt subwoofer – ordered as standard Soho + 300W transformer option)
  • Noho (400 watt 70-volt loudspeaker – ordered as standard Noho + 300W transformer option)
  • Berlin  (400 watt 70-volt high efficiency loudspeaker – ordered as standard Berlin + 300W transformer option)


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