Technomad Introduces PowerChiton Series of Amplifier Modules at Infocomm 2008

New weatherproof outdoor amplifier modules

New weatherproof outdoor amplifier modules provide new design and installation options for outdoor audio systems

Technomad Associates, LLC, a leader in weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995, introduces PowerChiton, a series of compact, durable and weatherproof power amplifier modules that represent a new approach to installing outdoor audio systems. PowerChiton modules unite a high-performance, passively-cooled amplifier with an IP66 rated, low-profile enclosure. The powerful combination offers system designers and installers a flexible solution for the many challenges of distributed outdoor audio system design. Technomad first showed the PowerChiton series at Infocomm 2008.

Each fuse-protected PowerChiton module is capable of powering a four-Ohm load to drive a pair of loudspeakers, and providing more efficient and economical use of the amplifier than a powered loudspeaker. The efficient PowerChiton design uses a single passive radiator for amplifier cooling and eliminates all moving parts in the module to minimize failure points. Though optimized for use with Technomad Vienna-16, Noho C and Berlin weatherproof loudspeakers, PowerChiton modules can be used with any two-, four- or eight-Ohm loudspeaker.

Installers further benefit from the PowerChiton module design through Ethernet, twisted pair and wireless interface options. Each module can be used with standard distributed line-level audio but has available expansion options to enable it for use within an Ethernet network, RDL twisted-pair installations, or FM wireless distribution systems.

PowerChiton modules begin shipping in early July and are available in three sizes: 130, 250 and 500 Watts. Each module comes standard with mounting feet for installation. Optional accessories include pole mount adaptors and specialized hardware to install the modules on the back of Technomad loudspeakers.


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