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Dolphin Mall Florida Entrance

April 30, 2001 – Miami, Florida – Located just five miles west of Miami International Airport at the intersection of the Florida Turnpike and Dolphin Expressway; the Dolphin Mall opened its doors to eager shoppers on March 1, 2001. The 1.4 million square foot retail/entertainment center is Miami-Dade County’s largest, featuring more than 150 stores, an 850-seat, 24,000-square-foot food court with nine different restaurants, eateries and entertainment venues with another 50 concepts debuting by midsummer 2001. The outdoor food court and entrance areas make use of Technomad WeatherTech Loudspeakers, which were installed by Pro Sound Inc., of Miami, Florida.

Also known as Professional Sound Services, Inc., the company is headquartered in Miami, Florida, with branch offices located in Orlando, Florida, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. The company was founded in February 1975 providing audio and theatrical lighting services to live entertainment events. Over the years, Pro Sound, Inc., evolved into a design, sales, and service firm to many theatrical and club venues, which eventually lead to the professional and commercial installation markets. The company now services sports facilities, convention centers, hotels, nightclubs, theaters, meeting facilities, houses of worship, courtrooms, corporate boardrooms, schools, universities and government facilities.

Predominantly the business comes from the Southeastern United States, with a representative amount of business conducted throughout the U.S. Business also takes the Pro Sound, Inc., staff to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and even to South America.

Rick Scharmann, vice president of ProSound Inc., states, “Pro Sound is principally an engineering based company with strong project management experience and an excellent service support structure. The company owns its 13,800 square foot building in Miami. The Orlando facility is housed in 2,500 square feet of space which is adequate for its operations, while the Las Vegas office is somewhat larger.” Rick adds.

“The Company has a diverse group of core technical specialists that support the operation with a total of over 40 employees on staff. The average employee has over 9 years of experience in audio, security, and CCTV systems. The more senior employees average approximately 14 years or greater of systems experience.”

South Florida is famous for it’s humidity and harsh outdoor environment and Rick is the first to state, “Outdoor loudspeakers don’t last long in the brutal Florida environment. Rick notes, “Even through the Dolphin Mall is several miles inland from the ocean, it is still close enough for the salt air, compounded with the humidity, to wreak havoc on outdoor loudspeakers. For these kinds of applications, we need reliability and quality for the customer, which was pretty hard to find in the past.”

For the Dolphin Mall’s outdoor areas, the entrances and the food court, Rick installed Technomad WeatherTech™ Loudspeakers. There is one Technomad Paris 616 installed at each of the Mall’s six entrances. The large, open-air, central food court is completely exposed to the environment, and a total of 17 Technomad Vernal 15T 70volt loudspeakers cover the expansive area.

Continuing, Rick says, “The output and coverage pattern is very good compared to other loudspeakers of the same physical size. With the Technomad Vernal’s, we found that in the case of the Dolphin Mall, we needed half the number of loudspeakers for the installation compared to if we used similar dome tweeter-loaded loudspeakers of the same physical size.”

Technomad’s Vernal 15 features a 1″ diameter ceramic high-frequency driver, mounted on a 120¡ X 120¡ horn. The Vernal also features an impressive detailed and articulate low-end response from its purpose-built 5.5″ bass transducer: a component that took Technomad over two years to design and perfect. The 60 watt (120 watt peak), 8 Ohm Vernal 15 features a sensitivity rating of 91 dB SPL (800 Hz to 10 kHz, 1w/1m C.W.) and can deliver maximum, long-term SPL of 96 dB (100 dB peak), at a frequency response of 100 Hz -18 kHz. A single Crown CT Series CT410 power amp drives the 17 Vernal 15T 70-Volt loudspeakers.

Rick states, “The Vernal provides excellent full-range fidelity and outstanding long throw coverage, which is why they were used in this application.”

Rick continues, “With the Technomad Paris 616, its output was so great, we only needed one Paris at each of the six mall entrances to cover these substantially large areas.”

The audio specifications of the Paris 616 are equally impressive. The Paris features two custom-designed, rubber-surround 6.5″ polymer mid/bass drivers treated with proprietary low-residue coatings for long-reliable service. The 1″ diameter ceramic high-frequency driver, mounted on a 90¡ X 90¡ horn, offers high-fidelity, audiophile quality performance over large indoor areas, as well as large outdoor areas, even in the most severe weather conditions. Designed for maximum fidelity, dispersion and throw, the 250 watt, 6 Ohm Paris 616 features a sensitivity rating of 95 dB SPL (1w/1m C.W.) and can deliver maximum, long-term SPL of 116 dB at a frequency response of 65 Hz -18.5 kHz. Three Crown CT Series CT210 amps drive the Paris 616, with one Paris loudspeaker per channel.

Both the Vernal 15 and Paris 616 are also available with a 70-Volt internal transformer with 8, 16, 32 watt switchable taps. Technomad loudspeakers a fully sealed, 1/2″ thick, Military Specification, roto-molded polyethylene cabinet, backed by a ten-year unconditional warranty.

“This is not the first time we installed Technomad Loudspeakers,” Rick points out. “We’ve installed them in outdoor applications at the J.W. Marriott, as well as other hotels in South Florida. We’ve also had very good success with them in over-the-counter sales to several cruise ship companies; which is the worst imaginable outdoor environment for a loudspeaker.”

Rick adds, “Technomad makes a very good quality loudspeaker that sounds great in for harsh environment installations. They are my first choice for harsh outdoor environments where sound quality and reliability are paramount.”

Prosound Inc. has offices in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

For additional information, please contact:

Prosound Inc.
Rick Scharmann, Vice President
[email protected]
1375 Northeast 123’d St., Miami FL 33161
P: 305 891 1000
F: 305.891.300

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