Schedulon Screen

Technomad Schedulon Product Test

Technomad Schedulon Product tests by Devy Breda We must thank the consumer electronics (PCs included) people who have developed cost-effective technologies that us pro audio folks can benefit from. Case

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Schedulon digital message repearter by Technomad - play sounds on a schedule you create a year or more in advance. WAV, AIF, MP3, more - and with a super-accurate real-time clock ( RTC ). Networked, web-configured. More at https://technomad.com/products/schedulon/

Audio Review: Technomad Schedulon

Solid scheduling-enabled audio player and recorder that fits the simplicity bill. By John McJunkin Technomad, manufacturer of military-oriented audio equipment (particularly PA systems) has introduced its Schedulon scheduling-enabled audio player/recorder.

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