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Technomad makes high-powered weatherproof military PA systems and communications equipment. Our complete ready-to use military PA systems include Technomad’s mil-spec weatherproof loudspeakers and a pre-wired flight case control rack with integrated amplifier, mixer, microphone, and CD/Tape player. Stands and cables are included. Systems can be used alone, or linked via digital wireless link kits or Ethernet / fiber optic systems for base-wide / large area use.
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» Popular Item: the SuperConductor™ military audio MP3 player-recorder… play sounds instantly by hand or automatically via internal clock.[ more info ] » New! Introducing the LMR Interface – lets your team speak through your Technomad PA system using your current Land Mobile Radios. [ more info ]

Technomad military PA systems can be deployed in 15 minutes or less by one operator, and are used for permanent installations or mobile / tactical operations. Systems are palletizable. Operating range: up to 1 mile. If tactical applications, force protection, psyops, high quality music and speech reproduction, or site-wide paging is your priority, Technomad is your solution. Request a demo today!


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