Schedulon Playlist Feature

Schedulon digital message repearter by Technomad - play sounds on a schedule you create a year or more in advance.  WAV, AIF, MP3, more - and with a super-accurate real-time clock ( RTC ).  Networked, web-configured.  More at https://technomad.com/products/schedulon/

After over a year of work on the Schedulon… we’ve implemented PLAYLISTS.

7 playlistWhy are playlists a big deal? They are a huge time-saver, and unlock new uses for the device. Previously, if you wanted to create a music mix you’d have to schedule each song (to the second). Or you’d have to make the mix in an external program, then import as a very long file.

Now you can build playlists containing as many songs as you like by using a new tab on the same easy web-interface that you’re used to. Then, just schedule a playlist by name, eg

Play ‘Musicmix.m3u’ AT 12:00 UNTIL 17:00 WITH REPEAT 5x

You can edit the playlist content at any time, and all the scheduled playlist events update automatically. And we’ve added the SHUFFLE option – every time the playlist repeats, the songs order changes for a natural feel.

Bonus feature: Now you can assign playlists to the front knob for instant on-demand playback of music mixes. Same options as for single tracks – ONCE, LOOP, PUSH – and with the new SHUFFLE option too.

Good news: if you already have a Schedulon 4.0, you’ve got the hardware needed to run the new software. Contact Customer Care to make arrangements for your upgrade.

The Schedulon offers a remarkable combination of web-based media management and programming, on-board recording, super-accurate internal real time clock, remote control, and other advanced features in a compact, reliable package.


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