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Technomad 70V Turnkey System – Frequently Asked Questions
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Music is of extremely high quality when reproduced by the Technomad 70V Turnkey System. We only make weatherproof loudspeakers, therefore we concentrate all our design efforts on building no-compromise loudspeakers that both sound great and are rugged and reliable. We’re able to design our drivers, crossover networks, enclosures, and grill assemblies as a system, we don’t have a “standard” indoor loudspeaker line which we modify to “weatherize” or make “weather resistant”. Technomad loudspeakers are used by sound reinforcement and sound installation firms in demanding applications around the world. We’re confident you’ll be delighted with the musical sound quality of the Technomad Vernal 15T loudspeakers provided with the 70V Turnkey System» Read customer comments here

The Technomad 70V Turnkey PA System offers unmatched audio performance, free of distortion and the limited frequency range of other outdoor systems. Speech is clear, intelligible, and natural sounding, even in noisy or windy environments.

Yes. The Technomad 70V Turnkey System connects quickly and easily to virtually any existing sound system. Simply connect an auxiliary stereo output from your existing sound system into one set of the line level inputs on the Technomad 70V Turnkey System. That’s all there is to it. The provided mixer allows you to attach line-level audio sources like CD players, and the front-mounted 1/8″ stereo jack allows you to connect iPods™ and other compact sources conveniently.

The Vernal 15T loudspeakers produce clear, deep bass. In fact, the bass output from these loudspeakers is outstanding, given their compact size. However, if you want even more bass response, then the Technomad Soho 12 subwoofer option is the answer. This compact, powerful, completely weatherproof subwoofer will enhance the bass response considerably. Installation is simple, and the amplifier provided with the Technomad 70V Turnkey System has enough power to handle the additional loudspeaker; no additional amplification or other equipment is required.

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