Does Technomad Make Wedge Monitors?

Noho C loudspeakers in wedge monitor mode, using the MonitorTilt feature.
Technomad does not make specialized wedge monitors. Wedges are difficult to stack efficiently and are limited in function.

Instead, all AS-Series Technomad loudspeakers have 1.5″ diameter stand-mount sockets molded into the BACK of the cabinet. By inserting lengths of industry-standard tubing into these sockets, you can convert any Technomad into a monitor “wedge”. By varying the length of pipe used, you can achieve any desired angle. Unlike delicate threaded or plastic monitor legs used on other brands, the Technomad monitor-tilt approach is EXTREMELY strong, and can easily support the weight of someone standing on the wedge.

Using MonitorTiltā„¢, your inventory of Technomad loudspeakers can do double duty as either FOH or stage monitors.