Technomad Upgrades Two Loudspeakers from its MP Series

Vienna 16 and Paris 616 weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers are now available and shipping

BOSTON, January 9, 2008 – Technomad Associates, LLC, a leader in weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers and Turnkey PA systems, today announced that new versions of its popular Vienna 16 and Paris 616 weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers are now available and shipping. The Version8 models include upgrades that maximize the loudspeaker output while retaining the broad dispersion and clear audio that are hallmarks of Technomad loudspeakers.

Technomad Vienna 16 and Paris 616 loudspeakers are part of the company’s MP Series, a range of weatherproof loudspeakers designed for permanent installation, indoors and outdoors. Popular applications include city walkways, public spaces, tourist attractions, hockey and ice skating rinks, cruise ships, municipal swimming pools, and outdoor community amphitheaters.

The Version8 models add compression drivers that provide an added 3dB of maximum continuous SPL and an added 10dB of dynamic range, ensuring voice intelligibility and musical output at all volume levels. The upgrades also reflect the company’s preference for refining its established range of loudspeakers as opposed to flooding the market with new products.

These upgrades are targeted toward outdoor applications where background noise is more likely to adversely affect audio output. This includes open stadiums and other outdoor installations where wind becomes a factor, said Rodger von Kries, vice president of Technomad. The new compression driver and crossover networks increase the performance of these loudspeakers across the board. The result is a more articulate sounding loudspeaker with improved audio quality in the mid-to-upper frequency range.

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