Technomad Surpasses 17,000 Mark for Loudspeakers Shipped

Technomad 17,000 loudspeakers made

Company continues to manufacture entire product range in the USA as it approaches 13 years in business

BOSTON, March 6, 2008 – Technomad Associates, LLC, a leader in weatherproof outdoor loudspeakers and Turnkey PA systems, today announced it has established a new sales milestone with more than 17,000 loudspeakers shipped worldwide to date. The company, founded in 1995, continues to manufacture all loudspeakers for the commercial pro audio and military/security markets at its Massachusetts facility, where each loudspeaker is bench-built and tested by its small team of craftsmen.

Technomad is proud to contribute to the long-standing tradition of New England manufacturing, said Rodger von Kries, Vice President of Technomad. Our commitment to manufacturing our commercial and military products in the USA ensures the careful craftsmanship of all Technomad loudspeakers is centralized in our Massachusetts facility.

Technomad was the first professional loudspeaker manufacturer to introduce Mil-Spec weatherproof loudspeaker systems with exceptional voice intelligibility and audio quality for highly abusive mobile and installation applications in the commercial and military/security markets. The manufacturing side of the business employs small teams to work on the same loudspeaker from start to finish, with multiple quality checks along the way. This process creates a highly consistent production environment that ultimately reflects the cost and quality of the loudspeakers.

The company’s highly durable loudspeakers provide both clear voice intelligibility and superior musical output, with exceptional, distortion-free audio quality at any volume level.  All Technomad loudspeakers have an IP56 rating from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for maximum protection against hazardous materials, shock, and dirt and water ingression; and cover a much broader range than competitive loudspeakers, with 120×120 audio dispersion to maintain an even sound through the venue.

Technomad’s range of Turnkey PA systems increased the company’s profile within commercial markets upon introduction for their cost-efficiency, quick set-up and high quality audio output. The complete pre-integrated Turnkey PA packages feature Technomad loudspeakers, a 6-channel audio mixer, 2-channel power amplifier, cables, mounting brackets, a dynamic microphone with cable, and a 6RU rack enclosure. These easy-to-install, user-friendly systems contain everything needed for rugged, high quality outdoor sound.

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