Technomad – Proud to Sound Like a Bunch of Screaming Monkeys

Here is a somewhat unusual application for the Technomad Vernal 15. We were contacted by Tara Harris of Yale, who needed reliable, powerful, lightweight, and sonically accurate loudspeakers to carry into the dense and inhospitable jungle terrain of the Kibale National Forest of Uganda. Click here for a map of the area.

Tara studies black and white colobus monkeys ( click here for more info on these handsome fellows ), and used the Technomad Vernal 15 to play the sounds of dogs, eagles, and chimps.

The Vernal 15 was driven by a high-powered 12-volt amplifier. The loudspeakers were hoisted high into the jungle canopy to maximize projection (you can see the lifting wire in the photo to the left).

Unlike all other subcompact loudspeakers, the Vernal combines military-specification reliability, weatherproof construction AND outstanding sound quality. The Vernal features a horn loaded ceramic high-frequency driver that greatly outperforms ordinary dome-tweeter designs.

Technomad loudspeakers have been used for several field-research biology applications. Animals studied include lions, hyenas, and now monkeys. We look forward to adding more species to this list.

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