Technomad in RoHS Compliance Move

Weatherproof designs protect Technomad loudspeakers from the elements

Technomad Associates has altered its manufacturing process to ensure RoHS compliance for sales into the EU, writes David Davies. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Technomad has been producing weatherproof loudspeakers and audio systems since 1995.

Now, to comply with EU regulations, Technomad has switched to RoHS-compliant driver and network components for deployment inside its loudspeakers, and eliminated the use of lead within the soldering process.


All Technomad loudspeakers, including the Noho C (pictured here) are now RoHS compliant for shipping into Europe
All Technomad loudspeakers, including the Noho C (pictured here) are now RoHS compliant for shipping into Europe


The new move on RoHS encompasses the entire Technomad product range, which includes IP56-rated weatherproof loudspeakers, the Schedulon automatic MP3 player and recording system, and the PowerChiton series of networkable weatherpoof powered amplifiers.

The RoHS announcement follows Technomad’s recent decision to convert to recycled plastic within its loudspeaker manufacturing process.

Rodger Von Kries, vice president of Technomad, told II: “Technomad is making a concerted effort to expand its presence in the EU marketplace. To that end, we’ve switched all of our manufacturing processes and components to be RoHS compatible. To offset the high import costs for smaller shipments, Technomad now stores a variety of our core products in a warehouse in the EU. This allows customers to purchase products at much lower costs than goods imported from the US and also decreases lead times.”

Technomad has also been working to enhance its appeal to the European market in other ways. “With an eye to EU sales, Technomad is also offering all of its electronic products – the Schedulon MP3 player/recorder (pictured), PowerChiton weatherproof outdoor amplifier modules and our Turnkey PA systems – all configured to run off 220V AC power. We feel that the weatherproof audio product market in the EU is under-served and that there are a lot of exciting opportunities for our product line in this region. We are actively working with a sale outreach firm in the EU to increase our dealer base and are currently looking for sales channel partners.”

This story initially appeared in the January 5 e-newsletter from Installation Europe.

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