Product Updates, 2016 Wrap Up

Noho Ci 2016 updates

We’ve had a number of product updates over the past quarter, here’s a quick summary (more in-depth articles coming soon):

Noho Ci – our first all-new loudspeaker in over 10 years, the Noho Ci is an installation optimized version of the popular Noho C. Ideal for stadium installations – fully weatherproof, unmatched clarity.

DragonFly – this amazing portable PA system just keeps getting better. We’ve upgraded the standard battery chemistry to LiFePO, which means greater power density – up to 8 hours continuous operation. And still just 22 lbs! We’ve also upgrade the mixer to include a switchable ducking circuit -music playback can be ducked by the built-in wireless mic, OR by an external microphone.

Schedulon – improved playback quality just announced (WAV playback up to 48Khz 16bit stereo). Improved recording – ADPCM WAV recording at 44100 Hz 16bit stereo. Also increased storage – now we include 32Gb of onboard SD-card storage.


Notable Installations / Projects from 2017

Ethiopia stadium project 15 Noho, 3 Berlin 6040 – photos and details coming soon!

Australia open air movie theater – 8 Berlin 9040, 4 Oslo 18, 6 Noho C (for surrounds) – photos and details coming soon!

Spanish Cruise Ship – 8 Berlin 15H, 8 Oslo

Singapore outdoor pool / waterpark – 4 Berlin 9040, 2 Oslo, 3 Paris)

US Race Track – 10 PowerChiton 3 plus 10 Noho C, with streaming audio

…and many US high school and college sports stadiums, pools, sport complexes, patios, theaters, etc.




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